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At 1000 Degrees Pizza, we are proud to serve thin crust Neapolitan style brick oven pizza as well as Roman style thick crust as well as fire roasted wings and create your own salads. At over 1000 degrees, our custom revolving Neapolitan brick oven rotates our Pizzas directly across the flames to perfection in just about 2 minutes. 



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1000 Degrees Pizza, CO

March 2019

Campaign Objective & Background


1000 Degrees Pizza decided to campaign a fun national holiday on March 14th, National Pi Day (3.14...)! We promoted $3.14 10 inch unlimited toppings pizzas. This is 70% OFF their original pricing. Simply a killer offer the customers can't resist. VOX Social Solutions ran a Facebook ad promoting the event which got a total of 194 people interested in attending and 34 confirmed going. The turn out was amazing!

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1000 Degrees Pizza was still brand new in Colorado so we also did some brand awareness to nearby potential customers who didn't know what 1000 Degrees Pizza was.

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1000 Degrees Pizza benefit financially from commercial catering orders so our team also ran promotions to the people who were in charge of catering events and companies on Facebook with a $25 OFF coupon!

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Want us to do the same for your restaurant?

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