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Paid Ads: Where you can

retarget people, without

them opt-ing in.





We have a question for you. When was the last time you signed up for an email subscription and read it all the way through every single time they email you? Keep in mind, you signed up for those email campaigns! PAID advertising can RETARGET customers without them having to opt-in for it (like email marketing)! Paid advertising right where people hang out daily. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, the list is endless. Your business can be right in front of their face on a DAILY basis. In order for a customer to buy from you, they have to Like, Know and Trust you. Paid advertising covers all those things.

Social media advertising is the BEST advertising yet. You can target age, sex, location, the last thing they searched or purchased online, your email lists, even target customers who look like your past customers! The targeting is ENDLESS

Think about it, you're driving down the freeway and see billboards with lawyer firms advertising on them. These lawyer firms show their billboards to people who are driving on the freeway and wasting advertising dollars by not showing their PAID advertising to their ideal customers (people who actually need a lawyer)!


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