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Travis Wells

Yo, Dudes and Dudettes!
Come join us in:

A Totally Rad 1980’s Mystery

It’s 1985, and shooting is about to begin on the latest blockbuster movie from the studio of Mr. Honcho L. Stree: Blastdance: the Explosive Teen Musical. The cast of teens (and would-be teens) are assembled, the crew are ready, and visitors to the set are hushed in anticipation. Suddenly, there’s an explosion from the next soundstage, and in blows the body of Mr. Stree himself.

It’s obvious it was murder—but whodunit? Was it Keanu Heaves, the teen star looking for another excellent adventure? Was it Leggy Varmer, the aerobics queen making her first movie? Or was it Martie McFry, a time traveler from the year 2024, who just buzzed onto the set in her custom Tesla?
Who knows, pardner? Maybe it was—YOU!

On Saturday, March 18th you will become...



Gender open. One of the best camera operators is the business, they know all the secret tricks and angles and how to get the best shot, they’re good at what they do, and they know it. People keep trying to bring them down, but they will always get back up. Working on the camera crew means that they are always behind the scenes, however they will do anything for attention and crave the spotlight, however they’re not very good at acting and so no one ever gave them a chance in front of the camera, so they had to find other ways to get noticed in the film industry.


Work clothes, 1980’s (ideally Polaroid) camera around neck. Mike said he will let you borrow his if you don't have one. you would be in charge of taking pictures of my birthday night! :-) We decided this character for you-- travis!

1980s Totally Tubular Slang Poster-1.png

P.S. This is my company's website... It's the only domain I own... so sorry about that... don't get confused about the URL. It has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it would be cool for ya'll to have your own URL for information.

P.P.S. Text Taylor or Mike to DOUBLE confirm your RSVP!

(806) 567-3235
Address: 4202 W Anderson Dr, Glendale, AZ 85308

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