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A Mexican Family Restaurant.

Home to the freshest authentic Mexican food in Colorado!

3 Margaritas Marketing

3 Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Broomfield, CO Location

April 2019

Easter Campaign

Customers love any holiday-themed advertisements! It's a great way to promote your business in a unique fun way. VOX Social Solutions developed a messenger ad campaign where the customers who click the ad will be sent to the Facebook messenger app. Once on the app, the robot we built comes up where they choose and click different Easter Eggs that reveals a different coupon inside.


As you can see above, each colored egg had a different coupon inside. We choose Purple as an example. The customer can click on any egg but can only choose one coupon.

We did this EXACT SAME campaign with a different location. It was just as successful as the Broomfield location above. 

3 Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Orchard Mall, CO Location

April 2019

(Small screenshot of some of the leads!)

poker (1).png

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3 Margaritas Taco Tuesday Trivia Campaign


Taco Tuesday is a HUGE reason to celebrate and eat tacos ESPECIALLY for a Mexican restaurant.  Broomfield's location has a special every Tuesday for $2 tacos. Not ONLY do we promote the regular special and collect leads for every Taco Tuesday but we got even more creative. We created "Taco Tuesday Trivia" where customers will play a small 3 question trivia game about Mexican food for the chance to win a FREE Lunch or Dinner Entree announced randomly each week on 3 Margaritas Facebook page. The customer plays the trivia game through the Facebook Messenger app with an automatic robot we built.


This campaign not only collects the customer's information but also puts 3 Margaritas in their "consideration set" when they think of Mexican food since they interacted with playing the game. Every customer that plays the game we collect their information to be able to message them on the Facebook messenger app every Tuesday to come into the restaurant and join us for $2 tacos for Taco Tuesday! This is 100% FREE to do and the outcome is OUTSTANDING with an 85% open rate. Each message is sent to one direct customer. But that customer brings a family member or a friend to a restaurant.


So really you are targeting DOUBLE. Crazy right?

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.13.46 PM.png

The customer is then encouraged at the end of the game to 'LIKE' the business page to see if they win. DOUBLE WIN for us! Not only we collected the lead but also get more likes!

Want us to do the same for your restaurant?

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